"SEACAM ist the best partner for underwater photo equipment I can think of. Their professional attitude and sustainable products give me a great confidence while contracting for my customers.“ – Website

"SCUBAPRO is a very reliable source for my diving equipment. It gives me the security and trust I need to fully concentrate on my main job underwater: the composition and setup of the perfect picture." – Website

"Everybody need to start with Underwater Photography, thats why I can recommend the super-easy-to-use cameras of SEALIFE." – Website

"As a "friend of the brand" for the watch manufacturer CERTINA I love wearing these elegant and dive-certified timers above and under water." – Website

"KELDAN Lightning technology provides me with excellent light for high quality underwater videos. The quality of the light and the beam are extraordinary." – Website

"The TAUCHEN magazine is Europes largest scuba diving magazine and is my main publisher in Germany." – Website

"The modern and stylish design of Lexi&Bö clothes is not the only reason why I love to wear it. They also produce their clothes from 100% bio-cotton." – Website

"FOTOFAIRSICHERUNG provides an excellent insurance for underwater photographers as it ensures the flood of the housing, even when it’s self made, as well as the insurance while the photo equipment is in the airplane." – Website

"AMAP Brazil e.V. protects the golden-headed tamarin lion, which lives in the endangered rainforest in Brazil. AMAP buys land and plants trees to reforest their habitat. I have been supporting AMAP for the last few years with my name and yearly donations." – Website